CFPs that may be of interest to our readers are listed here.

June 2019

21: Diva: Hip-Hop, Feminism, Fierceness
University of Wolverhampton

The shift from the margins to the mainstream has occurred simultaneously, over the last few decades, for two groups that now jointly exert a central influence over contemporary culture and politics: female r’n’b and hip-hop artists, and feminist thinkers and activists. The coming together of these two groups and sensibilities has redefined contemporary popular music (in all senses of musics of black origin), and wider culture and politics, in the West – from the banlieues to the White House, from Black Lives Matter to #MeToo, from Betty Davis to Neneh Cherry, TLC to Aaliyah, Alicia Keys to Iggy Azalea, Beyonce to Ariana Grande, and all points in between. Proposals for presentations (individual and panel) and interventions should be emailed to Dr Benjamin Halligan ( by 14 June 2019 (word/.docx/.doc format, 200-300 words, minimal formatting, including short bio and contact info).

21: Herstory Re-Imagined: Women’s Lives in Biographical Fiction and Film
Centre for Life-Writing Research

How do the lives of historical women become the raw material of novelists and filmmakers? This conference addresses the current boom in biographical novels and biopics about women’s lives, encompassing a broad conception of ‘woman’ that includes queer and trans life narratives.

October 2019

1: Emerging Trends in Third-Generation Holocaust Literature
Edited Collection

Our collection, Emerging Trends in Third-Generation Holocaust Literature, aims to explore the range of third-generation literary works and films, particularly those written/produced in the past ten years and texts that have received little to no scholarly attention. For the purposes of this volume, literary works refer to poetry, drama, fiction (for adults and children), life writing, graphic narrative, and creative nonfiction. Essays should be 6,000-7,000 words. Contact Alan L. Berger and Lucas Wilson for more information.

31: Travel in Arab Women’s Writings and/or Arab Women’s Travel Writing
Seeking original scholarly papers, not previously published, about travel writings by Arab women. Will also consider scholarly papers about travel, or the theme of travel in Arab Women’s writings. Contact Dr. Nawar Al-Hassan Golley for more information:

December 2019

15: Real Lives in Global Perspective
Book series published by Routledge

The purpose of this series is to teach key social, economic, political, and cultural developments in world history to first year university students using parallel biographies as a framework. The books will juxtapose figures facing similar situations in different geographical regions, with one book for each century, each containing four pairs of biographies. The authors should be experts in the appropriate time period willing to research a variety of geographic areas. Contact Rebecca Boone at Lamar University for more information.