CFPs that may be of interest to our readers are listed here.

december 2018

1: Lives in Transition: Negotiating the Currents in a Changing World
The 4th Biennial Conference of the IABA Americas Chapter
Possible topics include how these transitions may have been brought on by trauma, natural disasters, wars, referendums and other legislative changes, social policies, scandals, illnesses, medical procedures, body politics, gendered lives, migrations, or the relocations of Indigenous and other communities. Send abstracts and biographies to

10: Experimental Narrative in Nonfiction (Part II)
International Society for the Study of Narrative
We are especially interested in papers that focus on a single narrative device (or a cluster of interrelated devices) and its function, formal and rhetorical effects, and relations to the fiction/nonfiction divide. Send proposals and biographies to Daniel Aureliano Newman.

14: Oral History @ Work
British Oral History Society (July 5-6, 2019)
The Oral History Society (in association with Llafur and Britain at Work will be holdings its 2019 annual conference at Swansea University on the subject of ‘Oral History @ Work: Recording Change in Working Lives.’ Each proposal should include: a title, an abstract of between 250-300 words, your name (and names of any co-presenters, panelists, etc), your institution or organization, your email address, and a note of any particular requirements. Email proposals to Polly Owen.

19: me too–A Special Issue of Rejoinder
Submissions should address this theme from feminist, queer, social and racial-justice inspired perspectives. We particularly welcome contributions at the intersection of scholarship and activism. For manuscript preparatio details, please visit the website.

CUNY Graduate Center New York, NY
We are especially interested in workshop proposals that address the necessary rituals and habits for self-care, success/pushing back in a hostile workplace, building and maintaining your village, and contemporary radical Black artists/activists. We also seek papers and panel proposals that take up any of “Black Lives” understood broadly as an entry point into research. Send proposals to conference organizers.

january 2019

7: Leon Levy Center for Biography Resident Fellowships
The Leon Levy Center for Biography offers four resident fellowships at the Graduate Center for the academic year, beginning each September. Awards include writing space, full access to research facilities, research assistance, and a stipend of $72,000.

20: “Pilgrimage and the Senses” Conference
University of Oxford
We invite 20-minute papers from any discipline on topics related to the themes outlined above, especially in the fields of anthropology, archaeology, art history, history, literature, musicology, religious studies, sociology, and theology. We welcome submissions relating to aspects of pilgrimage of any faith or historical period. Submit a title, abstract, and brief bio here.

28: Knowing the Self: Auto/Biographical Narratives and the History of Knowledge
IABA Europe Conference 2019 (June 19-21)
While certain fields of the humanities have been widely recognized for their important for auto/biographical self-fashioning and self-exploration, such as historical and psychoanalytic hermeneutics, the conference encourages an interdisciplinary exploration of the relationship between auto/biographical writing and a wide range of fields of knowledge and of disciplines.

31: (Dis)Connecting Links: Historical and Contemporary Violence in Caribbean Women’s Novels
This research seeks to engage, examine, and interrogate such narratives about violence in the Caribbean, especially as represented in the novels of Caribbean women writers such as Edwidge Danticat, Jamaican Kincaid, Jean Rhys, Curdella Forbes, Dionne Brand, Michelle Cliff, Zee Edgell, etc. How have Caribbean women writers engaged with this narrative of the (dis)continuity of violence? What attempts have they made, if any, to break the chains of violence that continue to oppress, especially women in the Caribbean? Send submissions to Dr. Samuel Kamara.

february 2019

2: Queer Celebrity
Queer Celebrity Conference (June 6-7, 2019)
This conference will consider how the cultural visibility of queer celebrities has reshaped and expanded norms and expectations relating to gender, sexuality and identity. How have, for instance, queer identities influenced celebrity culture throughout history and across all media forms, society, and politics? How does queer theory complicate our understanding of celebrity studies and vice versa? Through what mechanisms and to what ends have LGBTQ public figures, including queer theorists, become celebrity figures?
Send paper abstracts (no more than 300 words) or panel proposals (no more than 600 words), with a brief biographical note (50-100 words) to

28: Sacred Journeys 6th Global Conference
The impact of the internet and globalization, pilgrimage as protest, and pilgrimage and peace building, among others, are all topics of interest, as are the concepts of the internal pilgrimage and the journey of self-discovery. Send proposals to Chadwick Co Sy Su at the University of the Phillipines Manila and Ian McIntosh at Indian University Purdue University Indianapolis.

march 2019

15: Beyond Boundaries. Authorship and Readership in Life Writing
We welcome presentations on authorship and readership in different forms of life writing by adult and young authors, marketed to adult and young readers. To what extent do authors use life writing to put issues of power, voice and agency on the public agenda? How do readers matter in the way authors of life writing address themselves to them? What are the similarities and differences between life writing for an adult audience and for young readers? What aspects define (successful) dual-audience life writing? Send proposals to Prof. Dr. Helma van Lierop. Emails should include abstract of no more than 250 words, a title, an indication of the subtheme tour abstract fits in best, name, institutional affiliation or status as independent scholar, email address and a short bio of no more than 150 words.

april 2019

5: Call for Reviews – Lifewriting Annual
Lifewriting Annual: Biographical and Autobiographical Studies (published online by the Open Library of Humanities at Birkbeck College, University of London) seeks reviews of recent publications, including autobiographies, memoirs, letters, and so on. We don’t accept reviews of critical or cultural theory. Send short proposals and questions to the Reviews Editor, Robert Ward.

30: The Textualities of the Auto/biogrAfrical
Special Issue of
 a/b: Auto/Biography Studies 35.3 (Autumn 2020)
We invite contributions that expand disciplinary approaches to auto/biographical studies from and in relation to African texts, contexts, possibilities, and provocations. Relevant here are: theories and practices of life narrative in postcolonial, decolonial, and diaspora studies; migrant and refugee studies; digital studies; new media and communications; visual studies and art history; performance studies; disability studies; gender and sexuality studies, war and conflict studies, childhood and youth studies, and innovative autoethnographic studies. Send submissions to all the co-editors: Fiona Moolla, Sally Ann Murray, and Tilla Slabbert.

june 2019

21: Herstory Re-Imagined: Women’s Lives in Biographical Fiction and Film
Centre for Life-Writing Research

How do the lives of historical women become the raw material of novelists and filmmakers? This conference addresses the current boom in biographical novels and biopics about women’s lives, encompassing a broad conception of ‘woman’ that includes queer and trans life narratives.