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New Book: Life Writing in the Long Run (Sidonie Smith & Julia Watson)

Life Writing in the Long Run: A Smith & Watson Autobiography Studies Reader Sidonie Smith and Julia Watson This book gathers twenty-one essays by Sidonie Smith and Julia Watson (TOC below) written in collaboration or solo and published over the last quarter-century. It includes the introductions to their five edited collections; essays focused on such autobiographical genres as […]

Writing Lives Together: Romantic and Victorian Auto/Biography—Life Writing 14:2 June 2017

Life Writing, Volume 14, Issue 2, June 2017 is now available online on Taylor & Francis Online. Writing Lives Together: Romantic and Victorian Auto/Biography This new issue contains the following articles: Editorial Writing Lives Together: Romantic and Victorian Auto/biography Felicity James & Julian North Pages: 133-138 | DOI: 10.1080/14484528.2017.1291063 Articles Coherence and Inclusion in the […]

New Book: Rosa of the Wild Grass (Fiona McIntosh)

‘Rosa of the Wild Grass, The Story of a Nicaraguan Family’  is a contemporary Latin American Women’s narrative that spans the past 50 years of  Nicaragua’s history.     As a writer, anthropologist and artist, Fiona McIntosh recorded and illustrated this oral history of Rosa and her peasant family over a period of 28 years.  Noam Chomsky wrote, ‘Through the eyes of Rosa and her family, we experience in intimate detail the dramatic years of Nicaragua’s triumphs and travail: the courageous […]

New Book: Understanding Biographies (Birgitte Possing)

Understanding Biographies  On Biographies in History and Stories in Biography  Birgitte Possing In modern and postmodern times, biography is one of the most popular genres of the day. All around the Western world, we are engaged in the lives of ordinary and well-known people, and biographies fly off the shelves. In Understanding Biographies, the Danish […]

New Book: Biography Institute Newsletter

Newsletter Biography Institute January 2017 (PDF version)  Annual Report Biography Institute The annual report 2016 of the Biography Institute is available in Dutch or in English. A printed copy can be ordered on the website or via email. Hans Renders talks about biography on national radioprogram Every third Sunday of the month, Hans Renders is […]

New Issue of European Journal of Life Writing

European Journal of Life Writing, Vol. V, 2016   Listed below please find the articles the European Journal of Life Writing has published for 2016. The full text of each article is available for free online in both HTML and PDF formats.   We are currently seeking donations to maintain the journal, and ensure that […]

New Book: Raging against the Mass-Schooling Machine: An Autoethnography of a Beginning Teacher (Andrew Miller)

Andrew Miller’s new book, Raging against the Mass-Schooling Machine: An Autoethnography of a Beginning Teacher, is a compelling first-person account of the author’s struggle to transform his teaching identity and pedagogical practice by unpacking the bruising encounters that shaped him as a student. The book blends autoethnographic reflections, artworks, and scholarly research to challenge the taken-for-granted […]

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