Association for Documentary Editing

Modern Language Association Conference, 4 – 7 January 2018

Conference Theme: “States of Insecurity”

ADE’s session during the Modern Language Association’s meeting in NYC will foreground the challenges of editing oral texts into print—including those of editing transcripts of oral texts. Inquiries welcome.

He Said WHAAT??!! Editing Oral Texts for Print Publication


The Association for Documentary Editing invites proposals for a session about editing oral texts for print. We encounter oral texts in interviews, committee meetings, speeches and lectures, legal proceedings, recorded performances, anthropological fieldwork, and the like. What constitutes appropriate representation of these utterances in print? Should pauses, ungrammatical phrasings, and other features be recorded punctiliously, whether spoken by a politician, an athlete, a preacher, a newscaster, or a story-teller? How much of an utterance should be included? Should standards vary according to the kind of publication (e. g. whether it is popular or scholarly)? Papers might consider the technical problems and/or the judgments required in such editorial situations.


Please submit a 300-word abstract, short CV, and your contact information by 15 March to Carol DeBoer-Langworthy ( or David Vander Meulen ( Inquiries may be made to either person.

Carol DeBoer-Langworthy, Ph.D.
Nonfiction Writing Program
Editor, Lifewriting Annual
Box 1852
Department of English
Brown University
Providence, RI  02912 USA