Call for Authors: Biographies of Writers (English-speaking countries)

EBSCO Phase 13 (Literature)

We are inviting academic writers to an expanding online database of short (1,500 words) author biographies for students, published in 2017 by EBSCO ( Available by subscription to academic and public libraries, the articles profile contemporary writers in English-speaking countries. Phase 13 (Literature) is the next stage in an ongoing project to meet the needs of high-school students encountering these authors for the first time. The articles will provide an overview of a given writer’s work, serve as the landing page for a thematic search, and concisely explain the most important and widely discussed concepts relating to the author.

These articles are written using a neutral voice, similar to that found in encyclopedia articles, strictly following the format explained in the guidelines provided. Contributors are compensated at $75 per 1,500-word article. Payments are made only via PayPal or by check and are issued within 30 days after the deadline, after the articles have been accepted by the publisher. Each article will be signed by the contributor and advanced degrees are being listed along with the bylines. We are currently making assignments with a deadline of April 21, 2017.

The available Article List, specific Guidelines, and a Sample Article will be sent to you as part of the assignment—please read and follow the guidelines to avoid extra revision steps. If you would like to contribute to building a truly outstanding research product, please contact me at this e-mail address: Please provide your resume/CV or a summary of your publishing credentials in article-related disciplines.

Thanks very much.

Geoff Golson