Rosa of the Wild Grass, The Story of a Nicaraguan Family’  is a contemporary Latin American Women’s narrative that spans the past 50 years of  Nicaragua’s history.    

As a writer, anthropologist and artist, Fiona McIntosh recorded and illustrated this oral history of Rosa and her peasant family over a period of 28 years. 

Noam Chomsky wrote, ‘Through the eyes of Rosa and her family, we experience in intimate detail the dramatic years of Nicaragua’s triumphs and travail: the courageous struggle for freedom, the solidarity and idealism, the achievements and excitement about escape from suffering and submission, the cruel and bitter assault from abroad, defeat and betrayal, and still life goes on with its joys and sorrows, and the hope that never dies.  A poignant, gripping, sensitive tale.’   

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The publisher Latin America Bureau wrote Rosa of the Wild Grass ‘is a superb read, full of the realities of peasant family life, the Catholic Church, magical beliefs, community spirit and cooperatives, the transition from rural to city life and back… and the problems: machismo, drink, violence, petty corruption, money-lenders, and the quest for work by migrating to Costa Rica and the US using coyotes to cross the border to the USA.  Rosa of the Wild Grass is dramatically visualized with powerful illustrations painted by the author. Rosa is an excellent resource for students and teachers in the field of Latin America, gender politics, human rights and international development. More than that, it is a wonderful human story that will appeal to readers everywhere.’  

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