European Journal of Life Writing, Vol. V, 2016


Listed below please find the articles the European Journal of Life Writing has published for 2016. The full text of each article is available for free online in both HTML and PDF formats.


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The Stranger in the Self. Hofmannsthal’s Relationship to Jewishness — David Österle; 1-12

A Demythologized Auto/Biography: Beginnings and Evolution of Metabiography in Feminine Postmodern Fiction — Souhir Zekri; 13-35

Beyond the Subject – towards the Object? Nancy K. Miller’s What They Saved: Pieces of a Jewish Past (2011) and the Materiality of Life Writing — Anne Rueggemeier; 36-54

“Proper” Profiles. On Facebook’s investment in the autobiographical genre. — Susanne Fuchs; 55-74


Introduction: GENDER AND POLITICS IN AUTO/BIOGRAPHIES — Anneke Ribberink, Tiina Kinnunen, Kirsti Niskanen, Angelika Schaser; GP1-GP8

The Socialist New Woman Redux: Hella Wuolijoki’s Life Writing in the 1940s — Katarina Leppänen; GP9-GP23

Gender clashes and faux pas. the political diaries of Ulla Lindström, Swedish minister in 1954-66 — Gunnel Karlsson; GP24-GP44

Gender, Politics, and Participation: The Contests of Autobiographical Writings in Poland — Dietlind Huechtker; GP45-GP66

Creative Matters

Small Talk — Marjorie Kanter; C1-C35

Fourth IABA Europe Conference Papers

Introduction to the IABA Europe Madeira Conference Papers — EJLW Editors; MC1

Understanding Literary Diatexts: Approaching the Archive of Richmal Crompton, the Creator of ‘Just William’ Stories — Jane McVeigh; MC2-MC22

“The Literary Interview as Autobiography” — Jerome Boyd Maunsell; MC23-MC42

Grief Interrupted: Writing My Father’s Life — G. Thomas Couser; MC43-MC60

Framing an Accusation in Dialogue: Kafka’s Letter to His Father and Sarraute’s Childhood — Lorna Martens; MC61-MC76

Reviews and Reports

Fans of the Archive: Reading Fan Letters in Richmal Crompton’s Archive — Jane McVeigh; R1-R2

Extraordinary ordinary men Biographies of Dutch post-war premiers reviewed — Marieke Oprel; R3-R15

Is Relationality a Genre? — Julia Watson; R16-R25

Report on the Inaugural Asia-Pacific Chapter Conference — Jo Annette Parnell; R26-R33