Catherine Viollet (1939-2014) Was a member of the IABA. At the time of her sudden death in September 2014, She Was working on Gender, gender, sexualities. What are the autobiographical manuscripts? The volume HAS-been now published as an homage to a long and passionate career dedicated to research on autobiography, genetic criticism and gender studies.


Gender, gender, sexualities. What are the autobiographical manuscripts?

Under the direction of Catherine Viollet and Danielle Constantin

Collection “Gender … to read and think”

University Press of Rouen and Le Havre, 2016

ISSN: 2274-0651

156 pages

15.5 x 24 cm – € 19

ISBN: 979-10-240-0695-6

Gender issues, gender and sexualities, considered in their plurality, are a major area of human experience and a vast field of research concerning all practices, both social and symbolic, especially the language and writing. These concepts allow to question received wisdom, to deconstruct the evidence and explore texts from a fresh angle.

The autobiographical writings deal with aspects of human life, the most secret, most intimate, including complex gender relations and gender (as building the relationship between the biological and social), gender and the various sexualities, between gender and sexualities. The study of these writings genesis process involves taking into account the constraints, both material and symbolic, related to these categories that structure society, and identify their function in the production of texts. The research on gender, issues of sexual identities, and discursive representations of sexuality and who are related to them in the study of the genesis of autobiographical texts the material of choice because of a genuine pact locations quintessential creative development, they carry traces of conflicts, issues, ambiguities and contradictions, self-censorship and censorship, adjustments between reproduction and subversion standards, own metamorphosis in the production process .

The volume brings together thirteen articles that want to realize the originality and relevance of literary analysis being located at the intersection, still too little explored, a questioning of gender, gender and sexuality, research on forms autobiographical and work in genetic criticism. The analyzes presented in this volume are looking at texts and preliminary texts from French domain (Herculine Barbin, Simone de Beauvoir, Annie Ernaux, Marie Edmee, Violette Leduc, Yves Navarre) and abroad (Géza Csáth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Jack Kerouac, Anaïs Nin). It includes a bibliography of publications Catherine Viollet, a pioneer in the encounter of genetic analysis on autobiographical texts and gender studies.


Catherine Viollet (1949-2014) came in 1976 at the ITEM-CNRS / ENS where she worked as a researcher until 2014, while conducting since its founding in 1995 the team “Genesis and autobiography.” His numerous works have focused on German texts, French and Russian focusing on gender studies and, with Elena Gretchanaïa, the corpus of Russian diarists writing in French in the nineteenth century. She is interested in the major figures of literature (Proust, Thomas Mann) as less canonical writers such as Christiane Rochefort or Violette Leduc or say ordinary writings. this volume   posthumously dedicated to it.


Danielle Constantin is a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Toronto. Since 2004 she is a research associate at ITEM-CNRS / ENS in Paris. She published masks and mirages. Genesis of the novel in Cortázar, Perec and Villemaire (New York, Peter Lang, 2008) and co-directed with Jean-Luc Joly and Christelle Reggiani Species perecquiens spaces (Bordeaux, Le Castor Astral, 2015).






Tribute to Catherine Viollet (1949-2014)




Protocol transcription of manuscripts


First part

Gender identities and sexualities


Marion Krauthaker

Be written to die.

Memories of the hermaphrodite Herculine Barbin


Mateusz Chmurski

Text-text body / bodies.

The diary of Géza Csáth


Sylvie Lannegrand

Writing as “sensual act”

in published texts and the Journal of Yves Navarre


Julie LeBlanc

Eroticism and sensuality in autobiographical writing Annie Ernaux.

A study of subjectivity and the terms of its representation


Second part

Repression, censorship, self-censorship


Kimberly Page-Jones

Words to the plots.

The gesture of desire in the Notebooks of Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Nicole Cadène

Write a life decipher “a” conundrum.

Marie Edmee … a young French girl under the Second Empire




Simon Dubois Boucheraud

“When I arrive to-be at least a man? “

Anaïs Nin or fragments of an incestuous speech


André Émeline

Genetic path of Simone de Beauvoir’s Wartime Diary.

Gender, Sexuality and representation memorial


Danielle Constantin

Roll the text.

Censorship in the genesis of On the Road by Jack Kerouac


Third part

Genesis and editing Hunting for love

Violette Leduc: Manuscript


Catherine Viollet

Beauvoir reader of Violette Leduc books


Mireille Brioude

Violette and René, a poetic sex.

Study specifications 6 Hunting for love


Anaïs Frantz

The mother in the manuscripts

La Chasse to love: a revealing pattern


Alison P E ron

Poetics of genre and literary genres

in the manuscripts of The Hunt for love



Danielle Constantine and Rodolphe Baudin

Bibliography of Catherine Viollet




List of Figures