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January 2017 (PDF version) 

Annual Report Biography Institute

The annual report 2016 of the Biography Institute is available in Dutch or in English. A printed copy can be ordered on the website or via email.

Hans Renders talks about biography on national radioprogram

Every third Sunday of the month, Hans Renders is invited to the Dutch radioprogram Met het oog op morgen. In his feature ‘Leven in letters’ (Life in letters), he discusses the latest developments in the biographical world and presents a new biography. His first talk was on the way biographies are being reviewed by the media, his second was on the biography of Piet Mondrian by Hans Janssen and the phenomenon of several biographies being written on the same person. Next Sunday the issue of biographies of First Ladies will be discussed.

National Pseudonyms Archives

The National Pseudonyms Archives is an online searchable database of pseudonyms and corresponding civilian name, which can be searched at pseudonym, civilian name, or both. Users can send additions and corrections to us by e-mail. These will be checked before being added to the database. The National Pseudonyms Archives is accessible via

Biography Boudewijn Büch widely praised

According to publicist Maarten Dessing, Eva Rovers’ biography of Boudewijn Büch beautifully shows how the author and tv host became a ‘mythomaniac’. This review is one of many positive reactions to the biography. In De Groene Amsterdammer, author Christiaan Weijts called Rovers’ research into the ‘phenomenon’ Büch ‘very careful’. Only Max Pam, in his feature in the Volkskrant, stated that writing a biography means too much honour for the ‘imposter’ Büch.

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