New Biography of Jack London on the occasion of the one-hundredth year anniversary of his death, Nov. 22, 1916.

Jack London: Adventures of Life (Darmstadt: Lambert Schneider, 2016), 320 pp.

This biography of Jack London, focusing on the author’s adventure(s) of life on land, on sea and in politics, goes beyond the traditional reduction of his work to animal stories and the survival of the fittest. Thus it stresses the change in his life from superman illusions to a concern for others and the environment, also brought about by repeated stays in Hawai’i. His eventual acceptance of a multiethnic society, sustainable farming measures derived from Asian sources, his familiarity with precarious forms of life, and the projection of a pan-pacific community with a universal language paint a different picture of the millionaire socialist and relate his work to current issues of a neoliberal economy, adventure tourism, ecology, and transnational alliances in the biosphere. 


ISBN 978-3-650-40157-1

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