Reading and Writing from Below: Exploring the Margins of Modernity. Edited by Ann-Catrine Edlund, T. G. Ashplant and Anna Kuismin.

Northern Studies Monographs 4. Vardagligt skriftbruk 4. Umeå: Umeå University and the Royal Skyttean Society, 2016.

Open access:

Writing Competence – Difficulties, Prejudices and Motives

Anna Kuismin. Ploughing with the Pen. Metapoetic Elements in Finnish Nineteenth-Century Peasant Poetry

Ilkka Mäkinen. “The world will be turned upside down, when
even the maids are taught to write.” Prejudices Against Teaching

All People to Write in Nineteenth Century Finland
Laura Stark. Motives for Writing and Attitudes Regarding Writing
Ability Among Rural Commoners in Finland 1840–1900

Genres and Literacy Practices

T. G. Ashplant. The Oral, the Aural and the Written. Genre and
Discourse in a British Working-Class Life Narrative

Ann-Catrine Edlund. The Songbook and The Peasant Diary. As
Participants in the Construction of the Modern Self

Anne Heimo. Socialist Endeavors, Fist Presses and Pen Wars.
Literacy Practices of Early Finnish Migrants in Australia

Emese Ilyefalvi. ”When you have read my letter, pass it on!”
A Special Means of Communication by a Calvinist Minister
Between the Two World Wars in Transylvania

Matija Ogrin. Manuscripts of Slovenian Peasant Writers and
Readers. Genres, Subjects, Reception

Karin Strand. Street Ballads Spreading the Word. The Case of
“The Two Maids Who Married Each Other”

Orality and Literacy

Marija Dalbello. Reading Immigrants. Immigration as Site and
Process of Reading and Writing

Marijke van der Wal and Gisjbert Rutten. At the Crossroads.
Orality and Literacy in Early and Late Modern Dutch Private

Jill Puttaert. Linguistic Hybridity in Nineteenth-Century
Lower-Class Letters. A Case Study from Bruges

Literacy and Agency

Ann O´Bryan. “Sparse and Multiple Traces”. The Literacy
Practices of African-American Pioneers in the Nineteenth-
Century Frontier

Ana Rita Leitão. Documentary Evidence in Early Modern
Portugal and Overseas. A Window to Literacy Practices

Aile Möldre. An Autodidact Agent of Estonian Book Culture.
The Case of Tõnu Franzdorf (1862–1940)

Mike Sanders. From ‘Technical’ to ‘Cultural’ Literacy. Reading
and Writing within the British Chartist Movement