The Encyclopedia of the Lost Generation: Life and Times of the Jazz Age

Editors: Bob Batchelor and Kathleen M. Turner

The Encyclopedia of the Lost Generation: Life and Times of the Jazz Age is a collection of essays written for today’s savvy general readers that contextualizes and expands our notion of this critical era in American history.

The reference work is designed to not only provide deep contextual history of the period, but also to also serve as a thorough, well-written and well-researched cultural history that broadens the reader’s comprehension of the era, its popular culture, and lasting significance.

The collection brings to life the Jazz Age and the artists, writers, and influential figures that made it one of the nation’s most interesting and compelling periods. Since commentators often use the Lost Generation in comparison with our own age, the reference work enables readers and researchers engaged with the topic a means of understanding the comparison, as well as the contrasting ideas driving that era and our own.

Each article will include the name and affiliation of the contributor in the byline of the entry. This project will be published by Rowman & Littlefield. We are currently making assignments, deadlines will be May 15, 2016.

Please express interest to both editors by indicating the essay(s) you might like to write and including a CV.

We encourage graduate students, advanced undergraduates, faculty and staff members, and writers/journalists interested in the period to write for this important reference work. Bob Batchelor ( and Kathleen M. Turner (

We have listed the available topics as well as the style guide and author information sheets on this page:…