The Big Move: Life Between the Turning Points

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Anne Wyatt-Brown, Ruth Ray Karpen, Helen Q. Kivnick

Afterword by Margaret M. Gullette

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When her husband’s ill health forces them to move into an assisted living facility, Anne Wyatt-Brown suddenly finds herself surrounded by elderly residents. In this lively and provocative collection, other distinguished gerontologists reflect on Anne’s moving account of her transition from an isolated caregiver at home to a member of a vibrant and sociable community that offers care-giving support, while encouraging her to pursue her own interests, including exercising, reviewing articles for scholarly journals, and singing. By redefining notions of care and community, undoing the stigmas of aging, and valuing the psychological factors involved in accepting assistance, this volume provides a bold new framework for thinking about aging, continuing care, and making the big move to a retirement community.

“We Americans prize independence, but for many elderly people, the price they pay for independence is loneliness and worthlessness. The Big Move is a fascinating attempt to marry personal experience with academic analysis to help us all reconceive of one option for later-life living. Moving to a continuing care retirement community need not be viewed as a withdrawal from life, but rather as a new platform to manage one’s infirmities at the same time as one uses one’s skills.”

—Ruth Nemzoff, Huffington Post

“Readers will be drawn to this book for its clarity and candidness. It will appeal to people of all ages, but especially to the large cohort of readers aging into later life and facing important choices about their own care and that of their partners.”

—Barbara Frey Waxman, author of To Live in the Center of the Moment: Literary Autobiographies of Aging

Anne M. Wyatt-Brown is Emeritus Associate Professor in the Program in Linguistics, University of Florida.
Ruth Ray Karpen is Professor Emeritus in the College of Liberal Arts at Wayne State University in Detroit.
Helen Q. Kivnick, Ph.D., L.P. is Professor of Social Work at the University of Minnesota.
Margaret Morganroth Gullette is an internationally known age critic, nonfiction writer (Agewise), and essayist. 

Resident Scholar, Women’s Studies Research Center, Brandeis

Agewise: Fighting the New Ageism in America won a 2012 Eric Hoffer Book Award.

 “Important social criticism from a prominent scholar”–Publishers Weekly
Aged by Culture 
selected as a Notable Book of the year by the Christian Science Monitor. 

Declining to Decline chosen “best feminist book on American popular culture” 

When I first heard Anne Wyatt-Brown tell her story, I immediately said, This must be a book. I helped the group find a publisher, and then wrote the Afterword (and annotated a list of “care-home” novels, from fiction about the “tragically ailing” to the romcom). . –Margaret 


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