LIFE WRITING VOLUME 13 ISSUE 2, JUNE 2016, is now available on Taylor & Francis OnlineSpecial issue: Life Writing After Empire
Guest editor: Astrid Rasch, University of Copenhagen

This new issue contains the following articles:
Dedication to the late Professor Bart Moore-Gilbert, 1952-2015.

Life Writing After Empire
Astrid Rasch

pages 163-167.

Collusions and Imbrications: Life Writing and Colonial Spaces
Professor Charles Lock, University of Copenhagen

pages 171-189
Tears and Garlands: Lim Chin Siong, Coldstore, and the End(s) of Narrative
Professor Philip Holden, National University of Singapore

pages 191-205
‘National Awakening’, Autobiography and the Invention of Manning Clark
Professor Mark McKenna, The University of Sydney

pages 207-220
The Relational Imaginary of M. G. Vassanji’s A Place Within
Dr Vera Alexander, University of Groningen

pages 221-236
‘A nation on the move’: The Indian Constitution, Life-Writing and Cosmopolitanism
Professor Javed Majeed, King’s College London

pages 237-253
‘This Union-Jacked Time’: Memories of Education as Post-Imperial Positioning
Astrid Rasch, University of Copenhagen

pages 255-270
Gibraltarian Oral Histories: Walking the Line Between Critical Distance and Subjectivity
Dr Jennifer Ballantine Perera, Garrison Library and Professor Andrew Canessa, University of Essex

pages 273-283
How Empire Shaped Us, eds. Antoinette Burton and Dane Kennedy
reviewed by Stephen Howe, University of Bristol

pages 287-293
Afterword: The Ends of Empire
Professor Gillian Whitlock, University of Queensland

pages 295-303