Unsettle: an SNS Roundtable


SNS is proud to host its first roundtable series hosted at the 2015 IABA regional chapter conferences (IABA AmericasIABA Europe and IABA Asia/Pacific). The sessions will be part of the “Lightning Rounds,” roundtables based on one-word topics; each session will have five panelists and one moderator. Panel members can be students, emerging or established scholars, activists, or practitioners. The moderator will be an SNS representative. Each panelist will give a five-minute presentation; a moderated discussion (for approximately 30-40 minutes) will follow. 


The series will culminate with a final roundtable at Excavating Lives — the 2016 IABA World conference, taking place in Cyprus, May 26-29 2016. Join US!  


Our topic is UNSETTLE. 


We chose “unsettle” because of its origins in indigenous studies (for example, scholarship by Paulette Regan and Roger Epp); its close attention to settler coloniality in pedagogical, collaborative, communal, and academic spaces; its potential for breaking in and with physical, institutional, social, and political patterns and structures; and its imaginative and political affiliation with notions of decoloniality specific to the Americas. We believe this topic will produce conversations focused on:

  • life writing as a field: topics such as life writing as a strategy for approaching difficult, unspeakable, controversial, or taboo ideas and experiences, and for social change and justice. Also, auto/biographical engagement, including poetics and other non-literary texts, that displaces and critiques dominant narratives and locates and challenges “blind spots” in life writing discourses. 
  • radical pedagogy: auto/biographical texts and personal narrative as decolonial pedagogical approaches and resistance in the academy.
  • academia in general: topics such as institutional changes for which we hope and strive in our research and community work, as well as methods for challenging reading and writing strategies and the lingering domination of print media in literary and cultural studies. 


Following the IABA Americas and Europe roundtables, the moderators will post reviews of the discussions on SNS’s “Conversation” blog. The blog posts will serve as departure points for subsequent roundtables. We imagine this series leading to individual or collaborative publications through the SNS site.


Please submit a 150-words presentation pitch and a 100-words biographical note to iabasnsnetwork@gmail.com. Languages other than English are welcome; please email to inquire about non-English submission criteria. 

Please note, due to the large number of delegates registered to the 2016 IABA World conference in Cyprus, we will only be able to accept the work of participants who have submitted paper-length proposals to 2016 IABA World, and are attending the event

Deadline for abstract submission: March 10th 2016