Call for Papers

“Vanishing Islands?”

Special Session: (MLA Annual Convention, 5-8 January 2017, Philadelphia)

Papers examine colonial/postcolonial representations of environmental disaster,

vulnerable and/or resistant populations, and the notion of extinction in the Pacific Islands (geographic regions known as Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia) across literary genres (e.g. fiction, poetry, drama, anthropology, travel writing, journalism, life writing) and/or the visual arts (e.g. painting, illustration, cartography, photography) from the 19th to the 21st centuries.

Papers may want to consider the following themes:

  • Pacific Island migration/diaspora
  • Missionaries, conversion
  • Epidemics, medicine
  • Nuclear testing, anti-nuclear protest
  • Pacific Islands and European art
  • Decolonization, sovereignty
  • Climate change
  • “vanishing” and “sinking” Island nations

350 word abstract by 15 March 2016; Carla Manfredi (