Life-writers of London, Professor Josh Cohen , Monday 7 Dec at 18:15 at KCL
*The event is FREE and no registration is required*
You are warmly invited to the final session of the Life-writers of London colloquium, given in conjunction with the KCL Centre for Life-Writing Research on Monday 7 December.
Across the autumn term- our ‘Season of Celebrity’- we have been building upon themes developed in September’s‘After-Image: Life-Writing and Celebrity’ conference, held at TORCH and the Oxford Centre for Life-Writing.
In this, the final talk of the colloquium (for which details can be found here),

Josh Cohen (Professor of Modern Literary Theory, Goldsmiths, University of London) will be discussing
‘Andy Warhol’s Indifference’
In the course of writing a book on inertia, indifference and lassitude in psychic and cultural life, I find myself associating insistently to a number of lives and works, Warhol’s first of all. Whether I’m addressing pop cultural obsessions with the undead, the aesthetics of opiate drugs or the radically devitalized patients that come to my psychoanalytic consulting room, Warhol has become a kind of de facto presiding spirit over the project. Exploring the complex, often contradictory place of affects, violence and the ‘humanoid’ in his life and work, this talk will be an attempt to start making sense of Warhol’s place in our culture and my own mind.
Location: FWB 1.17, The Franklin Wilkins Building, King’s College London, Waterloo Campus
When: 7/12/2015 (18:15-19:45)
The event is FREE and no registration is required
Life-Writers of London is a monthly colloquium convened in conjunction with the Centre for Life-Writing Research at King’s College London and intended for researchers across London and British institutions seeking to engage in lively debate touching upon contemporary and interdisciplinary life-writing topics.
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