CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS – Edited Volume on Women’s Lives Around the World

Women’s Lives Around the World: A Global Encyclopedia
Volume 4: Europe

Editor: Nancy Barbour, MAIS
Executive Editor: Susan Shaw, PhD
To be published by ABC-CLIO Greenwood Press in 2017

Part of a four-volume encyclopedia on Women’s Lives Worldwide to be published by ABC-CLIO Greenwood Press in 2017, this volume will explore the diversity of women in various European countries, including differences of race/ethnicity, sexual identity, social class, religion, and ability. In particular, each entry should provide a glimpse into women’s daily lives, as well as provide an overview of the social, political, economic, and religious situations of women in that country.

Each entry will follow the format supplied by the publisher:
• Overview of country
• Girls and Teens
• Education
• Health
• Employment
• Family Life
• Politics
• Religious and Cultural Roles
• Issues
• Further Reading

Completed entries will be due to the editor by 1/15/16. If you are interested in contributing an entry on one of the following countries, please reply

Armenia – 5000 words
Belarus – 6000 words
Bulgaria – 6000 words
Estonia – 5000 words
Kosovo – 5000 words
Latvia – 5000 words
Macedonia – 5000 words
Norway – 7000 words
Poland – 7000 words
Romania – 6000 words
Russia – 9000 words
Serbia – 5000 words
Slovakia – 6000 words
Slovenia – 5000 words
Switzerland – 7000 words
Turkey – 9000 words
United Kingdom – 9000 words