1 December 2015 – Abstracts (500 words) and CVs
5 March 2016 – Complete Papers

The study of religion and religious worlds is a vibrant tradition of inquiry—one that engages with the political and the historical, without reducing it to either. Because these worlds are real, vibrant, and significant to those who both inhabit and construct them, the work of oral history and ethnography seeks to render such realities in their depth, richness, and complexity, revealing the intersections and tensions between the religious individual and their community, between religion as prescribed, and religion as practiced. It is our hope that through engaging with oral history and ethnography as a means of inquiry, the power and worth of such religious worlds as a means of acting, thinking, and being can be uncovered.

Oral History Forum d’histoire orale is currently seeking contributions that engage with oral history and religious history. This special issue aims to draw theoretical and methodological attention to some of the intersections between the religious individual and the collective, as well as to offer insights into some of the disparities or tensions between religious self-understanding and community identity, as revealed by oral history. University researchers, community organizers, educators, oral historians, public historians, artists, and others who are working in this field are invited to submit theoretical and methodological papers, as well as empirically-based essays based on original research, reviews (books, new media, exhibitions, films, theatrical productions), and discussions for this special edition of the journal. Topics might include (but are not limited to) religion and immigration, religious conversion, religion and popular culture, connections of religion, gender, race/ethnicity, and class, and religious lives and state politics. All article submissions will be subject to the normal peer review process of the journal.    

Oral History Forum d’histoire orale is the online journal of the Canadian Oral History Association which serves as the online meeting place for scholars, community activists, librarians, archivists, and others who use oral history to explore the past and present. Through this open-access collection, we hope to generate discussion on this important theme and provide valuable resource for people interested in the study of oral history and religious history, whether in the classroom or in their own research. Articles will be published as soon as they are ready, ensuring a quick turn around time for early submissions. The collection will be launched in autumn 2016.

Please send inquiries and submissions to:

Susie Fisher
Guest Editor, Oral history Forum d’histoire orale
University of Winnipeg
515 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
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