Navigating Loss in Women’s Contemporary Memoir – Amy-Katerini Prodromou

Palgrave Macmillian

Navigating Loss in Women’s Contemporary Memoir illustrates key experiences
taken from a new subgenre of ‘the grief memoir’ that takes a fresh look at
the way we deal with loss. Through the lens of ‘new wave’ theories of
grief, it looks at how ‘memoirs of textured recovery’ contribute to new
understandings of loss as complex, nuanced, and ambiguous. In asking
timely questions at the forefront of contemporary issues surrounding life
writing, healing, and recovery, it contributes to ongoing conversations
about mourning and sheds light on how we navigate loss. Drawing from life
writing narratives written by some of the best contemporary memoirists of
our age, Navigating Loss allows readers to connect with women whose
real-life stories of loss form in themselves a kind of ‘weeping
constellation’ (Gail Jones) or community of mourners.

“Navigating Loss in Women’s Contemporary Memoir is a fascinating study of
a distinctive new sub-genre of the grief memoir. Offering subtle and
persuasive readings of canonical and non-canonical books, Amy
Katerini-Prodromou affirms the ambiguities of recovery following loss. Her
scholarly study makes an important contribution to our understanding of
the culture of mourning.” – Jeffrey Berman, University at Albany, CUNY,

About the Author
Amy-Katerini Prodromou is a Lecturer in the Language Centre at the
University of Cyprus, Cyprus. She is the Reviews Editor for Life Writing
journal, and runs the Women’s Life Writing Network (WLN). Her previous
publications include articles in a range of journals.

Amy-Katerini Prodromou, Ph.D.
Reviews Editor, Life Writing Journal
Administrator, Women’s Life Writing Network
The Language Centre
University of Cyprus
29 Kallipoleos
P.O. Box 20537
1678 Nicosia